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When a patient comes into my office in pain, our consultation is unhurried so not to add further stress. After which, a thorough examination (x-ray or MRI may be necessary) is conducted to determine the cause of pain and the course of treatment. The method of treatment I use is based on three components, holistic, medical and chiropractic techniques. Applying the prescribed technique with a strong belief in my abilities, my hands guide me to correct the spinal misalignment, (known as subluxations) rendering the patient to a state of homeostasis, (complete balance). The technique and the number of treatments may vary depending on the severity of the injury. A routine visit to your Chiropractor is fundamental in maintaining your body’s equilibrium.

Pamper Yourself

I have always been a student of the mind and body connection. In today’s fast pace life-style, too often we forget to take care of ourselves. Let’s bear in mind, that our body and mind is at its optimum when in complete harmony with one another, when out of alignment, our work and our personal lives are adversely affected.

Self nurturing and self love are feelings and actions that in effect help to regenerate the body and reduce stress, one of the leading causes of backaches and other ailments. For instance, when we exercise, when we routinely visit our chiropractor for maintenance, play sports, eating out at our favorite restaurant, it all contributes to creating positive energy. Even the simple action of chewing your food, reminds the body that it is alive and well. Indulging oneself is a form of self approval; self appreciation and self recognition all of which helps keep the body’s immune system healthy and happy. And a healthy, happy mind and body is what we want to achieve.

New York, NY Dr Bernadette TaraskiWellness Maintenance Care

The office chair we sit on, the every day stress, the shoes we wear, the key board, the lifting, repetition of any kind that is not a normal body function will cause our spine stress. Even though we may not feel discomfort at that moment, in time it may become painful. Preventive routine visits to your chiropractor to adjust any minor misalignment will help keep your spine strong and flexible avoiding serious injury and damage that may cause agonizing pain in the future or irreversible damage. Scheduling routine wellness visits, will keep your core healthy, flexible, and strong. Remember, a healthy spine creates a happy mind.

Dr. Bernadette Taraski

Dr. Taraski was born in Jersey City, New Jersey
Education: The Academy of Saint Aloysius, Jersey City, New Jersey
Fairleigh Dickinson University B.A. Teaneck, New Jersey
Life University Cum Laude, Marietta, Georgia