Dr Bernadette Taraski

Patient Testimonials

Having first seen a chiropractor as a child (my family are strong believers in chiropractic care) I have found Dr. Taraski to be the finest. I find her patience and understanding of the entire patient refreshing. I never feel like I'm in a factory as in some other practices. I have seen Dr. Taraski for simple "tune ups" to sciatic issues and have always left feeling far better than when I first walked (hobbled) in. I can give her my heartiest recommendation for anyone needing and "adjustment".

David Spierer

Nine months ago I was referred to Dr. Taraski by a co-worker. I had gone to my PCP with severe shoulder pain and was unable to lift my arm. He gave me a prescription for anti-inflammatory drugs, without so much as an x-ray to see what the cause of my pain might have been.

I took the pills for a few days and was still in pain. Dr. Taraski was kind enough to see me the same day I called for an appointment. She was caring, concerned and most important there for me when I needed relief from the pain.

She sent me for x-rays and took the time to explain exactly what my condition was and how she could treat it without taking drugs....under her care I am healthier and pain free. Any doctor can prescribe medication, but only a dedicated and caring person can heal you.

Marilyn Silverman

Seven years ago I was fortunate enough to be referred to Dr. Taraski. She is an excellent chiropractor and a kind and caring human being.

Dr. Taraski is not a doctor who gives cookie cutter treatments to patients but rather, she treats each person at every visit with the exact technique that will alleviate their specific problem. She also stays updated with current chiropractic methods.

I love the fact that Dr. Taraski uses a gentle approach and does not force the body but guides the body back into balance.

Carol Ann Lally

Dr. Taraski is an exceptional chiropractor and a gifted healer. She has an intuitive sense that enables her to combine her chiropractic skills with applied Kinesiology to arrive at a diagnosis that is tailored to each patient. Understanding the cause of a problem rather than knowing and treating the symptoms has helped me to improve my overall health and well being. Her assistant, Magdalena, is very accommodating in helping to run the office while the office itself has a calm and peaceful energy.

HR Fountain

Dr. Taraski provides the best healthy back care for the entire body. Through regular sessions it has helped me maintain good physical balance and mental harmony.

William Best, Seventh Degree Martial Arts Blackbelt